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12 Tage 12 Geschenke

As my german readership, to be honest that includes probably every single one of you, might have heard, ¬†we are in the fortune situation that, as part of the “12 Tage 12 Geschenke” promotion by Apple, we get one virtual good on a daily basis for free. But since my interest in the download fluctuates from day to day, I kind of ¬†wanted to know what’s up next. The last time something like this happened, was 3 years ago, so I figured that Apple has learned form their mistakes and started looking elsewhere, because Apple doesn’t even has a site running for this. That’s when I started thinking… If I’d have sensitive data, whom would I give it to? One of my first guesses was Deutsche Telekom, the masters of leaks, and as it turns out, that’s what Apple did. The rest was easy, I downloaded the thumbs for the next days, matched them to store entries and put it all in one text file. At the end I zipped it and uploaded it.

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